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Currently we are accepting proposals for articles. Payment is dependent on article length and on our budget.

In 2018, we reached over 13,000 visitors and received almost 17,000 page views. Every month we receive at least 1,100 page views. We have reached 2,300 page views in our best month, and in a very special month we received 21,000 page views for our article on Node.js forking into Ayo.js.

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Please fill look below for suggest topics for articles, and fill in the form with your contact information and your article proposal. We will respond to you within a week.

(Suggested) Topics for Articles

  • Free/libre and Open Source software such as Riot.im, Zulip, LibreOffice, Firefox, etc.
  • news about the Free Software Foundation or Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • GNU/Linux topics, such as cool utilities or news about kernel development or anything of that nature (new distros count as news too)
  • GNOME or KDE or other window managers (please tell us more about how cool Xfce and Stumpwm are)
  • How to write code in Python or Ruby to accomplish a small task
  • How to contribute to free/open source
  • How a company or person can donate and support their favourite free/open source software projects
  • How free/open source projects can accept donations and documentation and other forms of support (such as bug submissions and patches)
  • How to organize a free/open source project

Submission Process

Submission Requirements

  1. Short articles are minimum 300 words
  2. Long-form articles are minimum 900 words
  3. Attach or link to any photos that are required

Submission/Editing Process

  1. Write your draft for a short or long-form article
  2. Submit the draft to the editor
  3. The editor will review it and suggest any corrections
  4. Re-submit
  5. The editor and content team will add links, photos and format the blog post
  6. Blog post will be privately published and a link will be sent so you can verify it looks correct
  7. As soon as you reply, the post will be made public and published.