Write For Us

Submission Requirements

  1. Short articles are minimum 300 words
  2. Long-form articles are minimum 900 words
  3. Attach or link to any photos that are required
  4. Email submissions to rudolfolah@tuta.io

(Suggested) Topics for Articles

  • Free/libre and Open Source software such as Riot.im, Zulip, LibreOffice, Firefox, etc.
  • news about the Free Software Foundation or Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • GNU/Linux topics, such as cool utilities or news about kernel development or anything of that nature (new distros count as news too)
  • GNOME or KDE or other window managers (please tell us more about how cool Xfce and Stumpwm are)
  • How to write code in Python or Ruby to accomplish a small task
  • How to contribute to free/open source
  • How a company or person can donate and support their favourite free/open source software projects
  • How free/open source projects can accept donations and documentation and other forms of support (such as bug submissions and patches)
  • How to organize a free/open source project

Submission/Editing Process

  1. Write your draft for a short or long-form article
  2. Submit the draft to rudolfolah@tuta.io
  3. I will review it and suggest any corrections
  4. Re-submit
  5. I will add links, photos and format the blog post
  6. Blog post will be privately published and a link will be sent so you can verify it looks correct
  7. As soon as you reply, the post will be made public and published.