Decade-long VIM user ditches VIM for Emacs

Yes, this is news-worthy, almost breaking news even! After all, how many VIM users do you know would switch to Emacs after a decade of using VIM?


Shazam keeps your Mac’s mic on

This is why I advocate for more software to be free/open source, because in some cases you have no idea what it’s actually doing. When the code is freely available under a free software or open source license, it becomes possible for third parties to do an audit of the code and to see what it actually does.

Shazam’s Mac app is misleading users by defining “off” as “well your mic is still on and we will only listen to what you say when the app is active, we promise”.

Guide to DRM-Free Living: Audio | Defective by Design

Great guide on finding and buying music that’s  free from DRM (Digital Restrictions Management).

Subscription services where you pay $10/month or watch ads to keep it free are inherently less free because they require DRM otherwise the model doesn’t work.

Will be buying more individual tracks in the future rather than giving into the subscription model.

Update: Top Music Store Choices

So far I’ve explored the list of music and found two great choices that are DRM-free and offer music in higher quality versions (FLAC and 320kbps MP3).

I used to have a Google Play Music subscription but realized that subscription services are vendor lock-in and lead to monopolization and overall a less free market. If I wanted to switch from Google Play Music to another music player on my phone or computer I wouldn’t be able to, I would always have to use their proprietary music player.

My top choices are:

  1. 7digital
  2. Zunior – Canadian music originals