SHA2017: hacker conference/camp videos are up

SHA2017: hacker conference/camp videos are up

SHA2017 is on today (it started over the weekend and ends tomorrow) and it is a hacker conference and camp.

Most of the conference videos are up on Youtube and they are very informative and fun. There are a lot of good talks. I’ve picked a few to showcase here but you should check out the whole playlist of SHA2017 videos.

Decentralize! Self-hosting in your own home using Sovereign

In the Decentralize! talk, the software Sovereign is explored and shown to be a good way to set up your own personal cloud and host your own services and data. Sovereign is a set of playbooks that can be run to install the software on a server that you run. It’s similar to the Freedom Box project.

The software you can self-host with Sovereign is:

  • Dovecot, Postfix and Roundcube for email servers and a webmail interface
  • Jabber/XMPP messaging server with Prosody
  • RSS reader
  • VPN server with OpenVPN (FreedomBox also can do this)
  • Git code repository hosting

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FOSS Spotlight on 500px

500px is a popular photo sharing site that enables photographers sell prints of their work. They use Ruby on Rails, a free/open source web framework to build their platform. While they aren’t wholly committed to contributing to free/open source software (their Github profile page only shows code that makes working with 500px’s API easier), they do use free/open source software and they also develop a solid relationship with developers. On November 17, 2012, 500px hosted Pixel Hack 2012, a hackathon where the focus was on creating things that used open rich media APIs. It was a success and generated a positive image with developers.

They recently released more source code, for a plugin that integrates with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It already has 18 developers following the project.

500px understands that free/open source software plays a huge role in why a software engineer will apply for a job. Hosting hackathons and internal hackdays (similar to Google’s 20% where employees work on whatever interests them) and preferring to use free/open source software gives potential new hires the opportunity to see what the work environment is like.  This gives 500px an edge over their competitors when hiring outstanding software engineers.

jQueryTO conference sponsored by BNotions and atendy

jQueryTO conference sponsored by BNotions and atendy

jQueryTO is a jQuery conference being held on March 2-3, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. It’s the first conference centered around the jQuery JavaScript framework which is used nearly everywhere. jQuery uses the MIT license and they have many contributors and developers working on making it compatible with all sorts of browsers. It’s nice to see a lot of developers using a free/open source web framework and building it up into something amazing. The conference is going to have 30+ speakers.

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