About SourceContribute

The purpose of SourceContribute is to highlight the contributions to free/open source software of various organizations and businesses, no matter their size. Our goal is to encourage more contributions in the form of source code, documentation, donations and sponsorships to free/libre/open source projects.

SourceContribute is an open source news site.

To write some of our articles, we take a page out of chapter 11 of Kevin Carson’s book, The Desktop Regulatory State about open source journalism. We believe in the idea that the “revolutionary significance of Internet journalism lies in…the use it makes of existing content” and that bloggers and Internet journalists. We may not be able to have shoes on the ground to report on all the events related to free/open source. We just have a unique perspective that serves to highlight the importance of free/open source to the future of technology and the future of society. We also believe that peer2peer technology is part of that future as described and supported by the P2P Foundation.

What Kind Of Topics We Cover

The scope of news coverage on SourceContribute has expanded and now covers:

  • Free/Libre/Open Source Software project updates: new version releases, new product announcements, changes in licenses.
  • Open Source Startups: startups that are VC-funded or bootstrapped that develop and use free/open source software (such as MySQL’s pitch deck or GitLab or Zulip).
  • Funding for Free/Open Source: whether through fundraising and donations or business models, how is free/open source software development supported
  • Free/Open source conferences: such as LinuxCon and LibrePlanet and SHA2017
  • Cybersecurity: data breaches, new software, patches, etc. We believe that free/open source should be more secure. We also believe that proprietary software/cloud services need to be called out for poor security practices.
  • Artificial Intelligence: new technology and issues surrounding machine learning and AI related to ethics and privacy.
  • Data Privacy and Data Ownership: who owns the data? how well is data protected? how is it data privacy violated by Big Tech?
  • Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: alternative economic models can be used to support free/open source software development