Cyberattack on medical patient information: LifeLabs hack exposes 15 million customers data

UPDATE: CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT FILED. A Toronto lawyer has launched a class action lawsuit against LifeLabs for the data breach. There are currently 5 plaintiffs. We shall see what happens but it is encouraging that there is something in the works to bring LifeLabs to account.

LifeLabs, a Canadian laboratory testing company, was hacked. 15 million customers had their information exposed and stolen by hackers.

TERRIBLE! The breach was first reported to the BC and Ontario privacy commissioner on November 1st. That’s more than a month ago and they are only letting the public whose information was stolen know now. Why didn’t the BC and Ontario privacy commissioners tell the public sooner?

Among that information is:

  • Customer names and email addresses
  • Health card numbers
  • Lab tests

LifeLabs does blood tests and other diagnostic tests which are highly personal.

Canadian companies are increasingly at risk of data breaches and it is time for the government to step in an offer cybersecurity training and for companies to start buying cybersecurity insurance and start doing more security audits.

Read more on the CBC

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