Helm promises a truly private home server for emails

Helm is a private email server that you can use to keep your emails safe and secure at home. This is in contrast to GMail and Yahoo email and Hotmail and other email service providers who can be hacked or who can willingly turn over your emails to the government without you knowing (there’s a huge difference between being asked by a court to hand over emails and being spied upon).

Email security is one of the things many people take for granted because they usually use Gmail or a corporate or school-provided email account. There are very few people, even among the technically-skilled set, who are hosting their own email servers (at least that I know of, comment below if you host your own email server!)

For $500 and a $100/year subscription, the Helm email server is a device that sits in your home, always connected to the Internet, sending and receiving your emails privately and securely.

Micah Lee details how the security and privacy features of Helm over at The Intercept:

Helm is a triangle-shaped personal server that can host email (on your own custom domain name), contacts, calendar, and a file server, and is about as easy to set up as a new smartphone.

Helm will never share your emails with anyone or scan them to target advertisements at you, because it can’t. By design, the Helm company simply doesn’t have access to your email. So while Helm is probably not as secure as Gmail, it’s vastly more private.

What’s more, individual Helm email accounts are more secure than individual Gmail accounts, I would argue. Unlike with Google, and most other web-based services, hackers can’t use spearphishing to compromise your Helm account. It’s possible to lock down your Google account to defend against spearphishing, but accounts aren’t locked down by default, and adding security measures like 2-Step Verification, which I recommend every Google user enable, make it more annoying to use on a daily basis.

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