Zulip 2.0 is out, alternative to Slack

Zulip is now at 2.0 (with 2.0.2 recently released with more bug fixes) and it comes with some awesome new features that make it a real competitor to Slack. We covered the Zulip 1.8 release in April 2018.

Zoom Integration For Zulip!

Zoom is the hottest video conferencing solution at the moment with billboards in San Francisco and integrated hardware popping up in startup and big company conference rooms everywhere. Now Zulip has integration with Zoom so you can launch video chat meetings.

ReviewBoard Integration

ReviewBoard is an open source code review software. It’s an alternative to GitHub code reviewing and it’s used by LinkedIn, the Apache Foundation, and Mozilla among other companies. If you use ReviewBoard , Zulip 2.0 now has an integration that works with it.

Backup and Restore is Now Built Into Zulip

Zulip now has built-in backups and a way to restore those backups. Backing up will store all Zulip server information into a .tar.gz which can later be restored. This makes it easier to move from one server to another and to ensure your Zulip chats can be restored in case of catastrophe.

The only restriction is that server access and error logs, and RabbitMQ queues, SSL certificates, and any files uploaded using the S3 backend will not be backed up.

Get Started With Zulip

If you want to try Zulip, you can download it and self-host, or you can subscribe to a Zulip Cloud plan (there is a free option).

Zulip is Participating in Google Summer of Code (GSOC)

If you are a student interested in working on free/open source software, the Zulip project is part of Google Summer of Code. Hurry and apply! The deadline is April 9th for student applications.

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