Free Software Foundation needs an Intern for Summer 2019

The FSF (Free Software Foundation) is a non-profit organization advocates and promotes free/libre software and copyleft. They are searching for an intern for June 2019 for twelve weeks. They are open to interns working remotely though they prefer if interns can work out of the FSF’s Boston office.

Free Software Foundation logo

Interns can choose from the following fields of work:

– Campaigns team interns might focus on privacy, encryption, or expanding and updating our outreach. Or, the International Day Against DRM (IDAD) offers a great opportunity to design and run a large part of a full campaign.

– Licensing team interns might assist with the Respects Your Freedom hardware product certification program. Or, they might work to improve the Free Software Directory or analyze the compatibility of other licenses with the GPL.
– Tech team interns may choose from our current list of projects, or suggest one of their own. A past sysadmin intern did extensive work to set up a GNU social instance; others created HUBAngl for easy video streaming, worked on porting LibreJS to WebExtensions, penetration tested our network, and researched Ceph distributed object storage and the freedom status of single board computers.

Summer internships at the FSF! Apply by April 30

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