Qt GUI framework now supports Python!

The famous, and wonderful (or not so wonderful if you dislike C++) GUI framework, Qt, has now added official support for the Python programming language. I have personally used PyQt5 and it was very easy to write a few lines of code and get a great looking user interface working. Qt is going to be using PySide2 for Python support:

As the industry’s most comprehensive user interface creation solution for Python, Qt for Python offers users a cross-platform environment for all of their development needs. By leveraging the APIs and expansive graphics libraries within Qt’s user interface development framework, Qt for Python provides developers with a fast and user-friendly platform that mirrors the agility that has become a hallmark of Python. In addition, Qt for Python is fully supported by the Qt Professional Services team of development experts and practitioners, as well as Qt’s large global community.

This should make Qt a far more appealing framework for desktop applications. If you have dreaded writing C++ and aren’t really interested in writing JavaScript with Electron, check out the Qt framework.

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