The Tech a Journalist Uses To Secure Their Privacy

The New York Times has a good piece, an interview with a journalist about which tech they use to accomplish their work and protect their privacy,

I have disappearing messages turned on in most of my Slack, Signal and WhatsApp conversations, so sometimes I also need to write down important points so I don’t forget them. I’m paranoid, and keeping paper notes feels safer to me.

I approach security as a journalist in much the same way that I’ve approached security as a person. The first thing I think about is limiting my exposure — what kind of data are my source and I generating? How do I minimize that footprint, or at least minimize how long my devices retain it? The second step is securing the data we do end up generating, which often means encrypting it.

Encrypted chat apps like Signal have made security and ephemerality so much easier. But because they require a phone number, there’s still what’s called the first contact problem — how does someone who doesn’t have your phone number initiate a secure conversation with you?

…sometimes the most secure, ephemeral conversation you can have is an in-person one.

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