Five Short Links: 21 September 2018

  1. The obsession for efficiency is killing productivity: working on multiple projects at once involves context-switching which decreases productivity, all in the pursuit of some imaginary efficiency
  2. BBC’s Computer Literacy Archive: check out an archive of BASIC and BBC Microcomputer system info
  3. Testing your code, verifying method arguments: reduce the brittleness of your unit tests by testing for specific method arguments and leaving all others to be any value. I’ve encountered this a few times where the other parameters of a method didn’t need to be tested and resulted in finding/replacing in multiple files to fix tests due to the brittleness.
  4. Problems with Udemy? Udemy may have been a good platform at first, but according to this video, it’s full of low-cost and low-quality video courses. It would be nice to see Creative Commons-licensed video courses that people could donate/pay for.
  5. Startup Interviewing is Fucked according to Zach Holman (former GitHub engineer):

    Certainly there are some jobs where being extremely performant and algorithmically “correct” are legitimate to interview against. But look around: how many small, less-than-50-person startups are doing work like that? The dirty secret is most startups for the first few years are glorified CRUD apps, and finding well-rounded and diverse people who can have the biggest impact tend to be the ones who are comfortable wearing a lot of hats.

Bonus link! Digital Proudhonism:

The maker movement is one prominent translation of Digital Proudhonism into a challenge to the contemporary organization of production, with allegedly radical effects on politics and economics. With the advent of new production technologies, such as 3D printers and digital design tools, “makers” can take the democratizing promise of the digital commons into the physical world. Just as digital technology supposedly distributes the means of production of culture across a wider segment of the population, so too will it spread manufacturing blueprints, blowing apart the restrictions of patents the same way Napster tore copyright asunder.

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