Five Short Links: 9 May 2018

  1. Firefox 60.0 their latest release is out! Quantum CSS is now rendering the browser UI, there’s support for the Web Authentication API and some more changes.
  2. Pomodoro Technique for focusing on work makes an appearance in this article from Rad Devon: “Build a Focus System For Better Work/Life Balance as a Web Developer”
  3. Reactions to Google’s new email artificial intelligence system which can go further than spell-check and give you suggestions for phrases (this has been available to some extent in LinkedIn with “Thanks”, “Hi” and simple 1- or 2-word phrases, Google is taking it to a different level):

    It’s important to note that there’s nothing inherently unethical about using auto suggestions, but it still takes “you” out of your communication.

    “I suspect that Google’s automatic writing will be banal but not unethical. ,” former New York Times Ethicist Randy Cohen told me. “Much email writing is already lackluster in both form and content.”

  4. Brad Frost talks about his struggle to learn React, it sounds like there’s a lot of room for intro/beginner tutorials to be created for React (and JavaScript) that fit with more people’s learning styles:

    I don’t think I’m alone in how I tend to think about & approach frontend development. I’d like to think I’m a good frontend designer, and I think I simply have a different perspective than someone with a JS/programmatic perspective. I have a hunch there are lots of people who are dedicated to writing great UI code but may feel intimidated swimming in JS-only waters.

  5. We’ve written about a few times on SourceContribute and here’s someone’s experience with using for 1 year:

    The Matrix protocol is also very extensible and can be used for much more than just IM. Each message starts with some basic fields like the sender, event ID and destination room but then there is a block for content and a content type. Many content types are defined in the spec including messages, join/quits, images and other kinds of events you would see in an IM client. But this content block can contain any valid JSON so you are free to build your own protocols on top of Matrix. An example being IoT device control by sending events over Matrix. This ensures the transmission of commands is secure and encrypted without having to implement anything yourself.

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