Five Short Links: 20 April 2018

  1. RightsCon Toronto, the conference about digital privacy and human rights, is one month away. I’ll be attending a few panels and reporting on it.
  2. Apple released FoundationDB as a free/open source project. Good on Apple for creating more free/open source code!

    Apple has outlined a design document focused on transparency and a governance structure to help participants feel they have a voice in project decisions. There’s even a code of conduct as a check against the boorish bro behavior for which Silicon Valley has become infamous.

    FoundationDB has been released under the Apache 2.0 license. It takes a place among the more significant open source projects released by Apple, a group that also includes the Darwin Kernel, WebKit, and Swift.

  3. StackOverflow community moderators have been elected! Hopefully that means more cleanup and a better experience for question askers.
  4. Grayscale for your phone screen makes it less distracting. At least that was the hope of two Mozilla employees who spent 1 week living in grayscale mode on their phones:

    After going to grayscale my experience changed. On Instagram specifically, I found myself using the service less, and when I did use it, I noticed that I was more focused on the composition of images than I had been.

  5. Want more great software/web engineering blogs to read? Check out the engineering-blogs list from Kilim Choi.
  6. BONUS: a list of awesome science fiction to read over the weekend!


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