2018 State of Linux Video Editing

OpenSource.com has an article telling us how good/bad/great the state of video editing is in the Linux desktop in 2018.

The top pick is Kdenlive, which I’ve used when creating video courses (on AngularJS, Angular and recently on Python and Ruby).

Kdenlive is the best-in-class professional open source editing application, hands-down. As long as you run a stable version of Kdenlive on a stable Linux OS, use reasonable file formats, and keep your work organized, you’ll have a reliable, professional-quality editing experience.



  • The interface is intuitive for anyone who has ever used a professional-style editing application.
  • The way you work in Kdenlive is natural and flexible, allowing you to use both of the major styles of editing: cutting by numbers and just mousing around in the timeline.
  • Kdenlive has plenty of capabilities beyond just cutting up footage. It can do some advanced visual effects, like masking, all manner of composting (see this, this, and this), color correction, offline “proxy” editing, and much much more.

The other Linux video editors on the list are:

Screenshot of Kden Live, multi-track video editing for GNU/Linux
Kden Live, multi-track video editing for GNU/Linux

If you’re recording screencasts on Linux, one of the above Linux video editors will be a good tool in the toolbox.

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