The KDE Slimbook: a new laptop for users of free/open source software

We’ve covered how to buy a fully loaded Linux laptop before, and now we have another choice! The Odin Group, based in Spain and operating for over 10 years, has created a laptop, the Slimbook, that comes fully loaded with GNU/Linux. The KDE Slimbook version comes with GNU/Linux and the KDE Desktop Environment.

It is a beautiful laptop that weighs in at just under 3 lbs (2.99 lbs, 1.36 kg; for comparison, the Dell XPS 13 laptop weighs around 2.7 lbs). The screen is 1920×1080 LED, a very welcome from the older laptops that were stuck at 1366×720 resolution. The laptop comes in two versions, one has the Intel i5-6200U processor while the other version has the Intel i7-6500U processor. The graphics card is an Intel Graphics HD 520 and the RAM comes in three sizes; 4gb, 8gb or 16gb. Most users will want to go with at least the 8 gb option. Click here to read more about the KDE Slimbook’s hardware.

The price for the base model (4gb RAM, 120GB SSD for storage) is very reasonable, it is 729 Euros for the i5 version, and 849 Euros for the i7 version. This translates to about $858 USD and $999 USD, respectively. Upgrading to 8GB of RAM is an extra 65 Euros while fully loaded with 16GB of RAM is an extra 190 Euros.


My favourite option is that the screen can be changed from LED to Matte. This makes a huge difference when programming near bright and reflective lights. Matte screens are less reflective and easier to read.

What’s interesting is that the KDE Slimbook can apparently be shipped anywhere in the world for a fee of 99 Euros (outside of Europe and aside from any tariffs or other country-specific fees).

Definitely worth a look if you are in the market for a laptop that is running GNU/Linux out of the box.

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