librsvg will attempt to use Rust!

The librsvg  is going to be slowly converted to Rust.

This is exciting news for developers who are looking to learn Rust and it’s exciting for the free/open source software community. Librsvg is used by Wikimedia to render SVGs on Wikipedia, a fairly vital tool.

What’s exciting is that librsvg has received bug reports for bugs that are related mainly to the use of the C programming language:

Every once in a while someone discovers a bug in librsvg that makes it all the way to a CVE security advisory, and it’s all due to using C. We’ve gotten double free()s, wrong casts, and out-of-bounds memory accesses. Recently someone did fuzz-testing with some really pathological SVGs, and found interesting explosions in the library.

So it will be interesting to see how well Rust can prevent these sorts of errors and how easy it will be to port a C library to Rust.

In the article there’s an example of converting C code to Rust code. Very cool and looking forward to the results. Hopefully this will encourage more open source developers to pick up Rust alongside C!

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