Gitlab – the best Github alternative

Gitlab is a git-based source code hosting service similar to Github. What makes it superior to Github is that it is free/open source and can be self-hosted by you or your company.


Gitlab also has a lot of features that are better designed than Github. The latest version of Gitlab offers a Kanban board for an overview of issues that are being worked on. The user interface is simpler to work with.


Gitlab allows users to import repositories from other services such as:

  • Github
  • Bitbucket
  • Google Code
  • Fogbugz
  • any other git repository from any URL

I’ve been looking for a replacement to Github because they have been moving slower than before in adding features and the user interface isn’t that great, I also prefer being able to self-host as much software as possible and being able to contribute back to the source code if I choose to.

If your company is looking for an alternative to Github, look no further because Gitlab is awesome and easy to work with.


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