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Fedora and Emacs and Perl!

Fedora 25 beta is out, Emacs 25 is out now as well. Perl 6 is definitely in a usable state, in fact I wrote an article on using Perl 6 to work with JSON objects and to show off the object oriented-ness of the language.



I attended LinuxCon and volunteered at the Free Software Foundation booth. I will have the slides up soon that I presented on in the office to fellow coworkers hoping to encourage them to consider the importance of free/libre and open source software and how it affects our everyday software development work. The easiest example to work with is having to pay license fees for every server and laptop running all the databases and libraries we use. Not only paying license fees but being limited from patching the underlying code we need to run our services.

Click here to view some of the videos from LinuxCon.

Cory Doctorow Keynote

Cory Doctorow gave a great keynote at LinuxCon as well. The EFF is aiming to dismantle the DMCA Digital Millenium Copyright Act, they’re challenging the sections having to do with removing DRM. Highly important as some of us would love to be able to use any device to read the books we own and watch movies on any device.

LinuxVoice #31

92644-b99d68128b96402abb9c7915c474f6f4Latest issue of LinuxVoice #31 is also out and it has a great round up of social networking software. They recommend a few packages I hadn’t heard of like Elgg and Oxwall, and they do give a mention of Diaspora which is still going strong and in active development.

2600 Hacker Quarterly, Autumn 2016

33-3_cover_largeAlso out is the issue of 2600 The Hacker Quarterly which is awesome, what I am most excited about are the conference videos from the HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference. Can’t wait to buy them, they’re very cheap at 60 cents USD. The hacker spirit within the magazine’s articles shines through and it is always encouraging to see people who are exploring the constraints and limitations of systems and also offering advice on how to protect yourself while on the Internet.

Cool Retro Term

This is just a neat project, it displays a cool retro terminal/command line. It uses Qt 5 and it works on both GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. Looks really cool and is actually kinda sorta usable.


What this blog is about

One more important piece to note is that this blog is for free and open source software which includes talk about encryption and encrypted email and a little bit of talk about bitcoin and ethereum.

On my other blog I will be sticking to professional software development topics like management, leadership, and deep dives of code and soon it will have video tutorials for sale. So the nature of the blogs is different.

As an example of this, I am going to publish an article on SourceContribute about how I set up a podcast and edited my video tutorial/screencast. On NeverFriday I will be publishing the results of that work, rather than talking about the methods and process behind that work.

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