FreedomBox on RaspberryPi

I did a presentation at the Toronto Anarchist Bookfair. The workshop/presentation went very well, great questions in the Q & A session, people picked up and kept the handout which contains all the info on the hardware and software needed to get everything set up.

The presentation was about how to run FreedomBox on the RaspberryPi hardware. FreedomBox is a collection of software running on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. The software includes Tor, OpenVPN, Privoxy.

The full list of software included on FreedomBox as of version 0.9:

  • Tor, the onion router for anonymizing web browsing and hosting hidden services
  • OpenVPN, VPN service
  • Privoxy, proxy service
  • Quassel IRC client
  • RoundCube email client
  • Deluge, BitTorrent client
  • Transmission, BitTorrent client
  • IkiWiki, a wiki/blog
  • Minetest server, a server for a MineCraft game clone
  • Mumble voice chat server
  • XMPP chat server
  • SIP server

It includes dynamic DNS in case your IP address changes while running the FreedomBox. Also useful and included with it is PageKite which is a reverse proxy.

The first part of the workshop was a presentation where I covered the current privacy and liberty landscape. I explained how corporations and governments are gathering and analyzing much of our data which should be remaining private. In the second part of the workshop I walked through practical applications of the FreedomBox and how it can be a convenient alternative to services that invade your privacy. Furthermore, I tried to highlight how particular ideas of sharing and helping, do it yourself and building alternatives apply to the FreedomBox.

Click here to download the presentation PDF “FreedomBox on the RaspberryPi”

Click here to download the raspberrypi instructions handout PDF

I specifically mention anarchism and anarchist concepts in the workshop, because I lean toward that ideology myself. That doesn’t mean I’m against business or against government, it means I’m in favour of building alternatives that are fair and protective of privacy and liberty. I am in favour of free market competition as well, though we do not operate in a free market most of the time. However I know it isn’t always polite to talk politics and it may make some people uncomfortable, or they may think I am anti-whatever.

On my other site,, I will be posting a different version of the slides that cuts out the mention of anarchism. Maybe I should have changed the title of the talk to “applying free market concepts with FreedomBox and RaspberryPi” and point out that in a free market the FreedomBox is a competitor to Dropbox, Google Drive, GMail, and other services.

In any case my goal is to show people how to protect their privacy and establish their own space of liberty and freedom with the FreedomBox.


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