BountySource: support open source development using bounties

BountySource is a service for supporting free/open source software development by using the idea of bounties. For example, if you urgently want a bug fixed for your favourite software, you can chip in $10 or $100 as an incentive to get a developer to work on fixing that bug. These cash rewards can really help the developers figure out the right priorities.

What’s neat about BountySource is that Facebook, IBM, PagerDuty and others are using them to support free/open source development. On their frontpage you can see that IBM has posted a lot of bounties for particular projects that they really want to see done. This gives a developer incentive to work on the priorities that IBM sets. The developers can always choose to work on something else, or they can work on the issue without accepting the bounty reward.

If you’re a developer, click here to find some bounties to work on and earn a cash reward.

If you’re using a free/open source project and want some issues fixed, click here to post a bounty.

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