The GNU Coding Standards need an update

There was some discussion a while ago on the Libreplanet mailing list about creating a wiki called the GNU Developer Network, somewhat similar to the MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) and the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network). I think it’s a great idea, free/open source developers need a wiki for more discussions and a general place for free software developers to find more info.

Someone suggested that the GNU Coding Standards point the way and that a wiki would just be duplicating whatever information exists in the GNU Coding Standards.

My idea is that developers, especially web developers, are picking up their habits from blogs and tutorials. They look to the MDN and other projects as guides to how their own projects should be structured and how their code should look. They use tools like Yeoman to generate their projects. The GNU Coding standards do not cover how to document JavaScript (java-docs style comments?) or how to handle Python (for example, requiring a or pip requirements file). We need sensible modern coding standards that people can use as a starting point for their projects.

Using a wiki lets developers suggest proposals in a forum other than a mailing list, which tend to be a little more exclusive. Using a wiki makes the documents living, and people won’t be afraid to spark a discussion about how and why sections of the standards need to be kept the same or updated.

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