FOSDEM 2013 Videos are Up

FOSDEM is a free/open source conference that is “highly developer-oriented” according to their site and it featured many interesting talks this year. The best part is that the videos of the talks are available online for free.

FOSDEM 2013 was sponsored by the following companies:

Here are some interesting videos (click to download, they’re in the WebM format) for developers:

  • Using Gerrit Code Review in an Open Source Project [download]
  • LibreOffice: Cleaning and Refactoring a Giant Code Base [download]
  • How We Made the Jenkins Community [download]

FOSDEM is only one of many conferences that can be sponsored in the free/open source community. Giving developers at your company the chance to attend one of these conferences can improve their skills and capabilities. Sponsoring this kind of conference shows a serious commitment to the free/open source software community.

Idea: encourage developers to present a lightning talk (a short 5 or 10 minute presentation) about anything they’ve worked on in the last few months. If possible, record a video of this and post it online, on your developer-oriented blog and make an effort to highlight the efforts of developers.

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