LinkedIn Sponsors Hackday Toronto

LinkedIn, the social network for professional, hosted a hackathon in Toronto on 1-2 February 2013. There were some t-shirts given out, it was catered and it looks like there were some great looking hacks created some involving hardware, others involving the LinkedIn API and location awareness/GPS. Click here to see a twitter posts related to the hackathon.

LinkedIn has a github repository where they’ve posted a lot of code.

I’m including a link directly to the LinkedIn site because they’ve sponsored a lot of these types of events and they’re very open about using free/open source software, they mention that they’ve built FOSS projects in their blog.

LinkedIn is getting close to Mozilla and Red Hat levels of FOSS contributions by being so involved with the free/open source software community, sponsoring multiple hackathon events and releasing lots of code.

One tweet from the Hackday Toronto event shows how important sponsorships, donations and code contributions really are:

Hackathons make you appreciate OSS.
Wouldn’t be possible without great libraries.

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