jQueryTO conference sponsored by BNotions and atendy

jQueryTO is a jQuery conference being held on March 2-3, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. It’s the first conference centered around the jQuery JavaScript framework which is used nearly everywhere. jQuery uses the MIT license and they have many contributors and developers working on making it compatible with all sorts of browsers. It’s nice to see a lot of developers using a free/open source web framework and building it up into something amazing. The conference is going to have 30+ speakers.

The speaker list includes a few people who work at companies where they can contribute source code to free/open source projects:

Two companies have stepped up and sponsored the conference so far; BNotions and atendy.

BNotions is a company that develops mobile and web software solutions for clients. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be proud that they’re using free/open source software because it isn’t mentioned anywhere on their site, they also don’t mention which tools they’re using. They do have a github account but it doesn’t seem to be linked to from their main website. Publicizing the fact that your company or organization uses free/open source software daily is a very important contribution, just as important as sharing source code or funding a conference.

atendy creates social event/conference management software. Just like BNotions they don’t mention what kinds of code they’re using and they don’t seem to have a developer/designer related blog.

Congratulations to both for stepping up and sponsoring the conference. I only hope this leads to more sponsorships and source/documentation contributions!

If you’re a speaker at the conference and would like to highlight your companies’ contributions to free/open source software whether it be in the form of source code or donations or conference sponsorships, let me know in the comments area or contact me at: omouse at gmail dot com.

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