Weekly Roundup

Every week in the weekly roundup we list a few links and news stories that are interesting to software development professionals who are interested in free/open source software or the software development industry.

  1. Free book on software engineering, full of good war stories about developing Java applications at a company called Lifelock
  2. Zulip, a free/open source competitor to Slack and HipChat, very featureful group chat
  3. “Some astonishing truths about ‘job hopping’, and why the stigma is evil.”, an essay about job hopping and how it’s not much of an issue any more for software developers.
  4. “Why Schools Should Exclusively Use Free Software”, an essay about using free/open source software in schools and how free/open source teaches students to be capable, strong and independent.

Free Book on Software Engineering

Read it online for free: http://camriley.com/lifelock/

There’s lots of good stuff in here; it’s a mix of war stories and great thoughts. All the italics and emphasis are mine. There really is a lot of good writing in here and it’s a great little book to read. I highly recommend it and only wish the author had put it into book format. Great quotes all around. Continue reading “Free Book on Software Engineering”

Zulip, an Open Source Slack competitor


Zulip is a free/open source group chat server. It has a web interface and it’s basically a very very very good competitor to Slack (which I’ve advocated for use in multiple companies). Multi-user/group chat makes collaboration easier and it avoids the dreaded 20+ email chains that happen for important company topics.

Continue reading “Zulip, an Open Source Slack competitor”

check out “no dogma podcast”

great programmer/software developer podcast, lots of interviews with developers on topics like encryption, agile, open allocation, professionalism, etc.

Some of the interviews are with these people:

There’s lots of interesting interviews on this podcast, lots of hours of good learning material.

Software Freedom Day – 19 September 2015

This Saturday, 19 Sept 2015, will be Software Freedom Day.

Check out the events map and find out if there’s an event in your area.

If there isn’t get on Freenode IRC, find a good channel like #libreplanet and have a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of beer and toast to freedom.

In Toronto, the LibrePlanet Ontario group is hosting Software Freedom Day at 120 Carlton St, Toronto, ON, Canada. There will be talks on what software freedom is and why it’s important, discussion of the usage of free software in musical performances, a few lightning talks, free/open culture short films, and a good talk on email privacy.

Software Freedom Day in Toronto has a twitter: @SFDToronto

Linux.com: How to make money from open source platforms

Interesting article on making money from free/open source platforms:

lots of people get paid to work on or with open source software, but an increasing number of them don’t work for software vendors,

This is why it’s important to push for sponsorships and donations and for the 20% time at work. Free software developers are more and more working at companies that don’t view software as a core competency (or at least they don’t view it that way directly).